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​【RESEND】Announcement: Change of Media Relations Platform

News   •   Dec 04, 2018 09:39 GMT

*This email is to all subscribers to Toshiba Corporation on MyNewsDesk

Dear Subscriber:

We wish to inform you of a change in the media relation platform that we use to distribute our news releases, which will come into effect in January.

Distribution by MyNewsDesk will end, and transferred to PRAP Japan, Inc. (find out more here: ). The e-mail address associated with delivery of our releases will also change, from to This will apply to all of our announcements. The Toshiba news room on MyNewsDesk will close on December 31.

In order to effect this change, personal information currently registered with MyNewsDesk will be automatically handed over to PRAP Japan. This covers your "Surname", "Company Name" and "Email Address". If you do not want to receive Toshiba-related mail from this new platform, and want to prevent the transfer of personal information, please unfollow us or contact us directly by e-mail at the address below, by Wednesday, December 26. Please DO NOT reply to the sender of this mail.

We handle personal information in strict conformity with the MyNewsDesk privacy policy and our own privacy policy ( ). We can assure you that the personal information of anybody who does not want to use the new service will be deleted.

■Contact Information


Thank you,

Media Relations Group

Public Relations & Investor Relations Div.

Toshiba Corporation


* The mail delivering news releases to subscribers will be distributed at the time news releases are issued. However, the timing of individual receipt may vary by mail account.

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