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Driving a see-through car?

Driving a see-through car?

Blog posts   •   Jul 13, 2017 00:01 GMT

Mirrors are vital safety kit for checking what is going on behind and alongside a vehicle—areas not in the driver’s direct line of sight. Yet they cannot completely eliminate blind spots. What if there is an in-vehicle electronic display, linked to cameras mounted on the vehicle, showing everything that is happening around the vehicle?

Development of an Imaging Technique That Can Simultaneously Acquire a Color Image and Depth Map from a Single Image Taken with a Monocular Camera

News   •   Jun 14, 2016 10:31 GMT

Toshiba has developed an imaging technique that can simultaneously acquire a color image and a depth map from a single image taken by a monocular camera. This technique achieves high-precision distance/range detection, comparable to that of a stereo camera, through the combination of a lens device and image processing.